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MBR® – The Care Principle

To maximize the benefits of the highly-effective ingredient system in every one of our skincare products, MBR® offers the unified care principle of OPEN-TREAT-CLOSE.

This regimen works synergistically to unveil the secret to radiant, smooth and rejuvenated ageless beauty, associated with MBR® products. Our luxury anti-aging skincare products are organic to help you attain more youthful skin.

Open - MBR®


The essential start to prepare the skin for an optimal absorption of anti-aging lifting serums and creams from your personalized skincare regimen.

In this first and crucial step, excess sebum, lipids and dead skin cells are removed. These cells inhibit young cells from forming a new, even surface. By removing dead skin cells, the skin’s ability to absorb the organic anti-aging treatment products is increased, allowing for an exceptional deep penetration of ingredients. This produces significant and sustainable results from our luxury organic skincare products. By stimulating the cell metabolism, the overall cell condition and regeneration is improved, refining the skin’s surface structure measurably.

Treat - MBR®


The highly efficient state-of-the-art serums and special treatments deeply nourish the skin and stimulate the rejuvenation process with the focus on epidermal, dermal or combined impulses. Increased epidermal cell activity promotes the cell renewal process through regenerative cell proliferation. This leads to organic skin regeneration and collagen regeneration, plumping fine lines and wrinkles from the inside. Increased dermal tissue function promotes the formation and generation of collagen fibers, providing skin elasticity and visibly defined skin contours.

By treating the skin with customized luxury skincare products and serums, MBR® provides an abundance of significant and measurable benefits.

Close - MBR®


The creams represent the final step of the skincare principle. By sealing the precious anti-aging ingredients into the skin, an intensifying effect takes place while stimulating the rejuvenation process of cell metabolism.

An invisible, protective film restores the skin's lipid barrier and maintains resiliency against damaging environmental factors while reanimating and regenerating the cell and tissue structures, restoring the skin’s volume and elasticity.


Skin Care at the Frontier of Medicine

  • MBR® products deliver significant, sustainable and measurable skin care results, scientifically proven by dermatologists.
  • MBR® uses the highest possible concentration of premium ingredients while ensuring optimal skin compatibility in each product.
  • MBR® products are free of Mineral Oil, Parabens, Phthalates and Artificial Fragrances.
  • MBR® products are perfect for medical spas and luxury organic anti-aging skincare. 

High-tech products, handmade in Germany

  • MBR® is certified by the German Official Technical Inspection Authority, ensuring exceptional and consistent quality.
  • MBR® provides a "Made in Germany" quality throughout the entire production process, producing every product in a small and exclusive batch.