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Our Promise

Defining new standards for effective skin care solutions. For the past 17 years, the premier German brand MBR® has been a pioneer in the most effective generation of high-end dermaceutical products and luxury organic anti-aging skincare.


MBR® - Philosophy

Since 2000, the premier German brand MBR® has been a pioneer in the most effective generation of high-end dermaceutical products.

MBR® scientists strive to provide a state-of-the-art skin care regimen that protects against persistent environmental hazards and stressors of contemporary life while maintaining ageless beauty. Understanding that each skin type requires a specialized skin care concept in order to become its most beautiful, MBR® offers organic luxury skincare products as individual as those who use them.

MBR® collections are born out of the collaboration of highly recognized experts from the fields of plastic surgery, dermatology, microbiology and biochemistry. The exceptional MBR® medical spa skincare products reverse the signs of aging and are considered by skincare professionals throughout the world as a competitive alternative to aesthetic procedures.

MBR® – At the frontier of medicine

MBR® starts where normal skin care reaches its limits. Due to its medically driven background, MBR® uses only the most renowned ingredients in the most concentrated formulations, allowing the ingredient systems to synergistically enhance each other. The MBR® scientists provide their latest scientific discovery known as the "New Generation" principle to each product, ensuring the products to be constantly progressive.

By utilizing revolutionary, state-of-the-art ingredients, the extraordinary skin care collections stimulate all epidermal and dermal cell functions, allowing for a complete rejuvenation of the cell metabolism. Combined with the unique science of galenics, the exceptional organic skin regeneration products deliver significant, sustainable and measurable skin care results, revealing a truly transformed, youthful and flawless complexion.

Every one of our luxury anti-aging skincare products is produced in a small and exclusive batch. Anti-aging lifting serums and all other luxry skincare spa products are only shipped once each and every strict criteria has been fulfilled. Browse our organic luxury skincare products to find the perfect regimen for you.